Technical Installation

Working with a Nationally based team of specifically trained and skilled personnel from technical courier through peripheral technician to technical engineer, The Dartworld Express Delivery COURIERS Group can provide your business with access to almost infinite field based personnel, specifically branded and process trained to your exacting requirements and more relevantly, those of your clients.

As these resources are applied, and importantly charged, on a call-out or project basis, your business can benefit from the ability to tackle even the most ambitious service and product commitment without the need to recruit and directly manage costly variable overheads

Delivery & De-trash

The Dartworld Express Delivery COURIERS Organisation will co-ordinate between your own order management team and client to ensure, to a pre-determine schedule, that the right component is deployed to the desk, unpackaged and all packaging removed and disposed of in the most eco –appropriate manner. All while maintaining comprehensive stock integrity; down to individual component serial numbers for each at deployment location.

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