P.U.D.O. - Pick Up and Drop Offer Service

“Maintaining effective and efficient supply chains of fast moving and critical stock items is key to the productivity of field based personnel”

With a comprehensive and secure network of over 120 strategically placed PUDO locations, directly linked to one of the most efficient and operationally successful overnight networks, this Swift product offers a unique supply chain solution. Supporting and replenishing field based personnel, our comprehensive geographical profile offers unrivalled Mainland coverage of 92% of residential addresses within 42 miles of PUDO locations and 96% of commercial and business addresses within 35 miles. Not only does this product offer direct economies over customary Next Day premium delivery services to home addresses, or In-Boot/ Swap-Out services, PUDO visits can be scheduled within the engineers working day, thus offering enhanced productivity-call rate.

Chain Supply Management

Chain Supply Management

“The fluid movement of stock, components and raw materials is an acid test as to any operations efficiency”

Working closely with your management team to understand your businesses current and future chain supply needs, Dartworld Express Delivery Couriers will highlight potential bottle necks and apply bespoke solutions which embrace best practise and most advanced industry thinking while remaining sympathetic & understanding of your businesses culture and ethos.

In addition to maintaining stock integrity at all points during the process, in conjunction with our Courier and Logistics Divisions, Dartworld Express Delivery Courier will rationalise supply time- lines and  reduce hire stock down time. By efficient management of the reverse logistics process; working capitol tied up in Hire Stock can either be reduced; or increased activity absorbed by the existing Hire Fleet.

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